Open Access Discussion

Now that you have completed the Open Access Unit, you may have many ideas, thoughts, and questions you want to explore. The discussion forum is a chance for you to further explore the material and reflect on what you have read or learned on this topic. This activity should take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.

To complete this activity:

  • Write a post in the discussion forum. You may use your own website or blog to post a response and provide a link in the discussion forum. If you would like to share your thoughts publicly to encourage conversation, use the Twitter hashtag #POSEUBC.
  • Contribute to the conversation by responding or asking questions in the forum

Discussion Topic

In the forum, respond to the following:

In the article “Marxism and Open Access in the Humanities: Turning Academic Labor against Itself“, David Golumbia writes:

Open Access (OA) advocacy is the only perspective I know of from which it has been suggested that the laborer should sacrifice that interest (ownership rights) in the name of some putative “greater good,” a good that is too often alleged to be in the laborer’s own interest. This is especially true when we are told that it is not in the laborer’s own interest to be able to decide when and how she expresses those property interests in her work.

(Golumbia, 2016, P. 102)

Reflecting on what you have learned about OA, do you think OA potentially inhibits ownership of intellectual property (IP)? How does the framing of the “greater good” impact the conversation around OA and IP?