Getting Started

Open Scholarship is a broad and somewhat loose term that has emerged in response to a need to identify and speak to a growing number of open practices within academia. Open Access, Open Science, Open Data, and Open Education make up a sprawling landscape of interconnected approaches to and focuses on “openness”.

Welcome to the Program for Open Scholarship and Education!

Welcome! The Program for Open Scholarship and Education (POSE) is a new flexible and blended program jointly presented by the UBC Open Working Group, the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology and  UBC Library. The program is intended to help you develop foundational knowledge of Open Scholarship, Open Education and Open Research. By engaging with the POSE program, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of open scholarship in higher education and the intersections of each area: open access, education, data, and research
  • Develop strategies to address potential risks and challenges when planning to engage in open practices
  • Be prepared to support and develop open education, open access or open research projects
  • Create an open project with the support of UBC experts and receive feedback from peers.

POSE is designed to take no more than 3-5 hours per month including synchronous workshops, online modules, and personal project work. It should take approximately 21 hours to complete.

This brief getting started unit will introduce you to the concept of open scholarship as well as provide an overview of how the program will run.