POSE Walkthrough

Errata – since creating this video, we have changed to only requiring two activity bank activities per unit.

Key Dates and Sessions

  • May 1 – Open Access Unit Released
  • May 4 – POSE Kick-Off Session; 11am to 12:30 (Reg link)
  • May 16 – Open Access Workshop: Introduction to Creative Commons and Copyleft Trolls; 1pm to 2pm (Reg link)
  • May 23 – Open Access Chat: A global and diverse world of scholarly communication is under way; 11am to 12pm (Reg link)
  • June 1 – Open Research Unit Released
  • June 14 – Open Research Workshop: Introduction to OSF; 11am to 12pm (Reg link)
  • June 21 – Open Research Chat: Replicability, Generalizability, and the ManyClasses Approach to Open Science; 11am to 12pm (Reg link)
  • July 1 – Open Education Unit Released
  • July 5 – Open Education Workshop: Introduction to OER; 12pm to 1pm (Reg link)
  • July 12 – Open Education Chat: Representing Open Ed Work in Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion Processes; 10am to 11:30 (Reg link)
  • July 31 – POSE Wrap Up – 11am to 12:30 (Reg link)
  • August – October: Going Further

Learning Activities

The program has a total of 3 units that will be released monthly to support the cohort model. The Open Access, Open Research, and Open Education units will contain the following:

  • 3 Modules  (Required). Modules are composed of text and interactive content. In addition, each unit in a module provides optional opportunities to “Dig Deeper” into specific topics and includes many hyperlinks to additional resources.
  • 2 activities from the open Activity Bank (Required). Activity Bank assignments are required assignments in each unit. The activities will vary and may require analyzing content, engaging with a tool, or both. The completed activities are openly shared in the Activity Bank section of the site.
  • 1 Shared Reflection activity (Required). The shared reflection activity will provide examples of the different ways you can apply what you have learned in practice. This activity will directly support the Capstone Project unit.
  • 1 Discussion Forum activity (Required). The discussion forum is a chance for you to further explore the material and reflect on what you have read or learned on this topic.
  • 1 Open Chat Session with guest speaker (Optional). Open Chats are optional for you to attend. The sessions are meant to provide you with a space to explore the unit of the month with an expert in the area.
  • 1 Workshop (optional). Workshops are optional for you to attend and are intended to provide practical experience with an open tool, platform, practice or approach.

    Each unit will have a unit completion quiz to assist you in tracking your progress.

Program Delivery

In designing POSE, we’ve tried to incorporate open practices as much as possible. POSE uses both this WordPress site and a Canvas course space. On the POSE WordPress site you will find content units and modules which include short interactive activities developed using H5P and an activity bank. The Canvas course space is primarily for tracking your progress through POSE and as a space for course discussions. The Canvas course space is openly available, however; in order to participate in discussions and track your progress in the course, you will need to enroll in the program.

For in-person interactions, the program will use Zoom. You will need to register for all in-person sessions. We will then share the Zoom link with you for the synchronous sessions two-weeks before the session. If you do not have a Zoom account you will be prompted to download the software. Remember you do NOT need a Zoom account in order to access a session. If you do not want to download Zoom, you may want to access the session using a web browser. We will share recordings of synchronous sessions after the session for those of you who are unable to attend.

All content in the POSE program will be available under a Creative Commons license for re-use upon completion of the program.

We would like to keep communication open between the program facilitators and you. We are always available if you reach out. We will also be sharing announcements twice monthly on Monday mornings. We will share these announcements as program updates on the POSE WordPress site. The announcements will be also be shared in Canvas using the magic of RSS. Follow course announcements on the WordPress course site OR if you are enrolled in the Canvas course set your Canvas notifications to receive announcements in your email immediately, daily or weekly.

How to Complete POSE

  • Review the Getting Started Unit
  • Attend the POSE Kick-Off Session on May 4, 2023
  • Complete the Open Access Module:
    • Read all content
    • Complete two Open Access activities from the Activity Bank
    • Complete the Open Access Shared Reflection
    • Complete the Open Access Forum Activity
    • Attend the Open Chat
    • Attend the Unit Workshop
  • Complete the Open Research Module:
    • Read all content
    • Complete two Open Research activities from the Activity Bank
    • Complete the Open Research Shared Reflection
    • Complete the Open Research Forum Activity
    • Attend the Open Chat
    • Attend the Unit Workshop
  • Complete the Open Education Module:
    • Read all content
    • Complete two Open Education activities from the Activity Bank
    • Complete the Open Education Shared Reflection
    • Complete the Open Education Forum Activity
    • Attend the Open Chat
    • Attend the Unit Workshop
  • Attend the POSE Wrap Up Session