Putting Your Knowledge to Work

This project outline is meant to support you in applying what you have learned during the POSE program in a practical way.

This optional unit is meant to support you in critically thinking about the POSE content, selecting an area of interest, setting practical goals, and completing those goals with the potential for long-term application in your practice. While your project can take a wide variety of forms, from engaging in a tool to openly sharing your educational materials to applying the principles of open workflows to an existing project, this unit should provide you with an opportunity to engage in open scholarship with a chance for sharing and feedback with the POSE program participants and facilitators.

This optional unit will provide you with examples of projects in open access, open research, and open education.

To support you in applying what you have learned in POSE to a project, the POSE team has developed a discussion forum and drop-in open office hours.

Steps for Getting Started

  • Review the project examples for Open Access, Open Research, and Open Education.
  • Use this POSE Project template (.odt) to help you develop a project in one of the POSE areas
  • Develop a write-up of your project and share your project details in the discussion forum.
  • Contribute to the discussion forum conversation by responding or asking questions in the forum
  • Attend a POSE project office hours to discuss your ideas with other members of the POSE community.
  • Sign up to give a lightning talk about your idea, your project, what you did, what you plan to do, etc.

Discussion Forum

If you are seeking guidance or feedback on your project, the Putting Your Knowledge to Work Canvas Discussion Topic can be used to ask questions and further explore how you can apply the POSE content to your own work.

POSE Open Office Hours

The POSE Open Office Hours are drop-in virtual sessions to provide you with one-on-one support for your open scholarship project. If you have questions about how to apply what you have learned in the POSE program to your project or need to work through some ideas about how to transform your work using open principles, register for the POSE Open Office Hours.

August Open Office Hours

Date: Monday, August 14, 2023

Time: 2:00-3:00 pm

September Open Office Hours

Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Time: 2:00 – 3:00 pm

Open Scholarship Project Lightning Talks (cancelled)

Are you interested in sharing the details of your open scholarship project with POSE participants and community members?

Have you developed workflows, documentation, or best practices for working within the principles of open scholarship?

Are you seeking feedback from colleagues on your open scholarship project?

The POSE team would like to invite you to share the processes, practices, and outcomes of your open scholarship project. The Open Scholarship Project Lightning Talks offer presenters 10-15 minutes to present on their open scholarship project. Slides are optional. If you are interested in presenting, complete the call for participation form.