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Thank you for signing up for POSE – the Program for Open Scholarship and Educators. We are really excited to learn and explore open scholarship with you all in the next four months. In this message we will guide you through getting started in the course and share some key information with you. We have outlined 3 steps to get you going in POSE. Please make sure that before we meet on January 18th you have familiarized yourself with the program structure and have started going through the Getting Started Unit. We have included more details below: 

Step 1: Signing Up for the Canvas Course

We have set up this course using two platforms, WordPress to share content and some interactive activities and the Canvas learning management system for tracking your progress and for course discussions. You do not need to log into the WordPress site, it is completely open, however; you will need to self-enroll in the Canvas course.

To enroll in the Canvas course:please click the following self-enroll link and you will be enrolled in the course as a students: https://canvas.ubc.ca/enroll/4WH8D6 

Step 2: Register the Synchronous Sessions and add them to your Calendar

There are two required synchronous sessions for the course and a number of optional sessions. Please spend a moment and make sure that you have added these to your calendar and registered for them. 

Additionally, there will be three optional synchronous sessions meant to provide you with a space to explore the unit of the month with an expert in the area:

Step 3: Orient yourself to the course and get started on the first unit

Go to pose.open.ubc.ca and familiarize yourself with the website.  Work through the Getting Started content before moving on to the first unit, Open Access. This will provide you information about course completion, how to move through the course, and course communication. We have also included a short video guiding you through the course structure.

For the month of January we will be delving into Open Access. 

We look forward to meeting and kicking off the program on January 18th at 10:30am! If you have any questions about the POSE program, please contact open.ubc@ubc.ca.

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  1. Maria Carbonetti


    I am interested in join the program, unfortunately I missed the beginning (I am in a search committee and did not have the dates for interviews and meetings until yesterday and wasn’s sure I could commit).
    I wonder if there is a way to being able to join still, I missed the kick off session. If it is the case, what should I do?
    My name is Maria Carbonetti, work at the FHIS unit, coordinate third year language courses in the Spanish Program and I am director of Spanish for Community, a CEL initiative.

    Thank you for your time.


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